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Bucs - Titans: Top 5 Defensive Plays

The Bucs run defense had a horrendous day, but despite that there were plenty of positive defensive plays - especially in pass defense. Which play impressed you most?

Aqib Talib's Pick Six
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With the game tied in the third quarter, it was Aqib Talib who gave the Bucs the lead they would later relinquish. Aqib Talib had shut down Nate Washington all day, and on this play he was once again guarding the veteran receiver. With Adrian Clayborn pressuring Matt Hasselbeck, Aqib Talib could easily undercut the route and run it back for six points.

Adrian Clayborn sacks Matt Hasselbeck
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Again in the third quarter with the Titans facing 2nd&13 just across midfield, the Bucs get a big play from their defense to stop a march downfield. Clayborn finishes the play here, but the key is really the early coverage by the defensive backs. Hasselbeck initially looks right, but Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib take away his immediate reads. By the time he moves on to the next read, Adrian Clayborn has thrown left tackle Michael Roos to the ground and dragged Hasselbeck after him.

Ronde Barber forces a fumble, Tanard Jackson recovers
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With the Buccaneers trailing by seven points late in the second quarter and the Titans driving downfield, the Bucs desperately need a stop to stay in the game. The Titans at that point call a screen to Javon Ringer which seems to work perfectly - Ringers looks like he's about to gain at least 10 yards. And then out of nowhere comes Ronde Barber to knock out the football, and Tanard Jackson is right there to recover it. Jackson can't tackle this year, but he sure does have a knack for being around the football at the right time.

Aqib Talib forces a fumble, Sean Jones recovers
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Early in the third quarter, the Bucs having tied the game by now, the Bucs force and recover another fumble. Chris Johnson had been gashing the Bucs' defense, and he's just turned the corner for at least a 12-yard gain when Aqib Talib wraps him up and strips him of the football. Sean Jones recovers the football with an excellent quick reaction and the Bucs are in business again.

Geno Hayes picks off Matt Hasselbeck
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This play is made by Geno Hayes, but created by the defensive line. On fourth-and-two inside Tampa Bay territory at the end of the first quarter, the Titans go for it and every defensive lineman rushes up field like crazy. Three players all beat their blockers: Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers and John McCargo. They collide wit Hasselbeck nearly simultaneously, who under duress tries to get a pass off to Nate Washington. He didn't see Geno Hayes lurking as an underneath defender, though, and Hayes can make the the easy interception to give the Bucs the ball back.