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Buccaneers - Titans Game Thread: the six-game winning streak starts today!

The Bucs need to win six straight games to make it to the playoffs. They need to start that today, in Tennessee. The chances of making the playoffs are already tiny, and if they can't win today they will be so small that not even the Tampa Bay Rays could make it.

But even if the Bucs can't make the playoffs, they need to show improvement to save their coaches this season. The way they played before the Green Bay really was unacceptable and showed regression from the year before - and for a team that has explained away previous failures with "we're young", that's deadly. Can the Bucs show the effort they showed last week, or will they revert to their old ways again?

Bucs - Titans Inactives

Sleeper of the Week

Three key matchups on offense

Three key matchups on defense

Bucs - Titans Preview

Music City Miracles: Titans Offense Preview

Music City Miracles: Titans Defense Preview