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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week

I was right about the sleeper of the week last game, so why not repeat the choice: Kellen Winslow is the Sleeper of the Week this time. And with good reason: Kellen Winslow has been targeted 81 times this season, second on the team behind Mike Williams. And while Winslow has not been overly productive with those targets, he finally had a good game last week. 

More importantly, the Tennessee Titans suck at stopping tight ends. Football Outsiders rank them 31st in the NFL at stopping tight ends. And that was with Barrett Ruud active for all but one game. But Ruud has been ruled out for Sunday's game, and he will be replaced by rookie Colin McCarthy. With Ruud out that pass defense should suffer further, and Kellen Winslow should be able to reap the rewards. 

If the Bucs can get a running game going, they should be able to use their play-action passing game to fool the TItans' rookie middle linebacker, and get Winslow into the void behind the linebacking corps. 

So yeah, it looks like Winslow is primed for another big game. Or maybe me being right about last week's game was just a fluke.