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Power Play of the Week: Legarrette Blount destroys the Green Bay Packers

We all know there's only candidate for the Power Play of the Week: Legarrette Blount's 54-yard run. Blount went Beast Mode on the Green Bay Packers. If you haven't seen the run yet, hit the jump or click this link

Now that you've seen the run, we can talk about it a little more. That run may be the best run I've ever seen a Buccaneer have. It's up there with some of Mike Alstott's amazing runs, who has had some ridiculous carries of his own. But Blount's run included at least five broken tackles, and multiple times it looked like he was going to go down.

First he was met by a tackler at the line of scrimmage, but they just shrugged off him. A few yards further downfield two Green Bay Packers tried to wrap him up, but he shook one off while the other got blasted by Davin Joseph with one nasty hit. Blount then just makes a guy miss, and to finish it off he stiff-arms another potential tackler before stumbling into the endzone. 

What makes this run even more amazing was the point in the game at which it happened. The Bucs were down 14-0 at that point and it looked like this would be another blowout. The offense had only just gotten a small spark on a 28-yard back-shoulder throw to Arrelious Benn, but they were a long way removed from scoring. And then Legarrette Blount just made things happen. 

Blount's run sparked something on offense, as the team got going from there, at one point pulling within two points of the defending Super Bowl champs. Ultimately it was all for naught, but this play showcases Blount's talent and ability. 

And perhaps the most amazing fact of the day: Joe Buck sounded like he actually cared about football a little. 

When this season is in the books, the Bucs probably won't be in the playoffs, and they'll look back at this year as a failure. But at least this season has given us this highlight. 

I can watch this all day.