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Daily Bucs Links 11/2/11 - Legarrette Blount the every-down back

Blount will return as an every down back this week vs. Saints | & St. Petersburg Times
I actually don't really like this, but we'll see. The reason I don't like it is that Blount has little ability to make people miss in the open field, which is a necessity as a third-down back. 

Bucs Report -Tribune staff: Saints can expect to see more of Blount than usual this week - from Sports
Another concern: Blount's coming back from an injury, and the Bucs are increasing his workload. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' LeGarrette Blount will return as an every down back this week - St. Petersburg Times
Every down. 

Blount expects heavy workload for Bucs against Saints |
Lots and lots of snaps, carries and catches. Get him on your fantasy team. 

Several injured Bucs should return this week |
The team is getting healthier, thankfully. 

Bucs To Be Nearly At Full Strength Against Saints | Pewter Report

Freeman estimates interceptions may have cost the Bucs at least a win or two | & St. Petersburg Times
The Bears game and the Lions game were both lost in large part because of interceptions. The 49ers game....not so much. A lot more went wrong there. 

Freeman: "You Just Can't Turn The Ball Over"-Pewter Report
Well, you can, it's just not very useful. 

What's wrong with this picture? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Apparently Pat Yasinskas doesn't know the very short history of not allowing players who were caught for using steroids to be on Pro Bowl ballots. Two words: Shawne Merriman | "Jon Gruden Is Inherently Dishonest." - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
This is a pretty interesting conversation with Shaun King about why Gruden didn't get along with certain players. 

NFL Mid Season all underrated team | Razz Report Blog
I missed this when it came out, but Brian Price made Razzano's All-Underrated team. I like Price, and he's played well, but he's mostly been impressive because he's still coming back from an injury. 

Bucs Add Sims to Safety Corps |
A new addition to the team. 

Long-snapper Economos grateful Bucs stuck with him | & St. Petersburg Times
I liked Christian Yount, didn't see him mess up at all. But I didn't see him make an impact as a tackler, either, and Economos can do taht. 

[Video] Coach Speak: Brian Billick and NFL coaches talk NFL Football - A Lunch with Benefits video series on - FOX Sports on MSN
Raheem Morris talks to Brian Billick about playing the same team twice in a short period of time. 

Recommended read: How to beat Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Run on them and get to Drew Brees

Rested Buccaneers begin preparation for Saints - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Prepare hard, because the Saints are going to be ready. 

Week 8: Who's Hot, Who's Not?-Pewter Report
Pewter Report made its Who's Hot, Who's Not feature freely readable this week. 

Blount Optimistic About Return |
I'd be shocked if he doesn't play on Sunday. 

Josh Freeman PC, 11/1 |
Freeman's press conference. 

Raheem Morris' PC, 11/1 |
Raheem's press conference. 

Buccaneers Insider, 11/1/11 |
And a new Buccaneers Insider.