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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Kellen Winslow

I suck at this feature. I really, really do. I don't think I've gotten one sleeper right this year. Time and time again, the Bucs I pick keep disappointing me. Then again, a lot of Bucs have done a lot of disappointing this year, so it may not be just me. 

So, I'm picking another guy for Sleeper of the Week today. I'm going with Kellen Winslow. The star tight end has had a poor year thus far, but he is still a favorite of Josh Freeman. He will be targeted, he will get the ball, and at least he catches most balls he can catch. 

Plus, the Green Bay Packers haven't been good against tight ends this year. They've given up 7 passes per game for 67 yards. That's not great production, but it's pretty decent. If Winslow can sneak in a touchdown his fantasy points should go up even further. And that's pretty likely: the Bucs love to target Winslow in the red zone. 

Honestly, I don't foresee any Buccaneer having a big day tomorrow. The Packers don't have a good run defense, but I don't think Blount is going to get a lot of carries. And with Josh Freeman playing poorly and his receivers matching his play, it's hard to see any of his receivers doing well either. But if anyone can have a big game on Sunday, it's Kellen WInslow.