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Power Play of the Week: Bucs give up a touchdown on the opening play

After the first play of scrimmage Bucs fans knew what kind of day this would be. That first play demonstrated perfectly where the Bucs' defense has failed this year. They haven't been any good in coverage, they haven't been able to consistently pressure the quarterback and they can't tackle anymore. 

Let's take a look at the play. The Houston Texans didn't do anything complicated. They had Jacoby Jones run a go route while Matt Schaub executed a play fake, bootlegging away from the outside zone run action along the offensive line. That's where the first problem occurs: Matt Schaub gets oodles of time to survey the field after bootlegging away from the offensive line. Every defensive lineman gets sucked away with the run action. The only one to really recognize the play is Michael Bennett, who comes off too late to make any impact on the play. 

But the things that went wrong afterward were much more disastrous. A defensive line not recognizing this kind of play is nothing special, and really only the defensive end to the backside - in this case Michael Bennett - is consistently in position to impact the quarterback on that play. 

No, the worst part of this play happened in the secondary. Sean Jones sees the play fake, then keeps watching the quarterback and doing nothing. He was playing deep safety, but when Jacoby Jones just runs by him he doesn't even react. He doesn't seem to recognize that a player had gotten behind him - a cardinal sin for a safety. Jones cannot give up this play: he must stay the deepest man on the field. He failed miserably at his task. 

But that wasn't enough for Jones, as he compounded his mistake later in the play. The Bucs had a chance to contain Jacoby Jones for a sizeable but not disastrous gain. Tanard Jackson came flying up while Sean Jones was tracking the receiver. Jackson can make the play here, but he slows down and hesitates while tackling. This gives Jones an easy cutback option to go the distance.

But Sean Jones had a huge chance to make a play here. When Tanard Jackson forces Jacoby Jones to cut back, Sean Jones can easily make the tackle - but he doesn't. He doesn't even lay out to try to make the tackle. In fact, it looks like he's kind of jogging out there. 

This play had everything go wrong: no pass pressure, players are late recognizing the pass, Sean Jones blows a coverage and then he and Tanard Jackson miss the tackle that turns a 40-yard play into an 80-yard play. There's your power play of the week.