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NFL Power Rankings: Bucs get in line for a top 10 draft pick

Even the cheerleaders don't like where this team is going.
Even the cheerleaders don't like where this team is going.

With the third straight loss the team is rapidly losing support among the national media. The Bucs fell yet another spot: this week they're ranked 19th on average, down from 18th last week. If this trend continues (and power rankings had record implications), the Bucs could be in line for a top 10 draft pick. So there's that. 

SB Nation - 17th (down from 15th):

When you've lost three in a row, and you were just blown out, the worst news you can hear is that you have to travel to Green Bay.

ESPN - 20th (down from 18th):

Good luck to the Bucs, who have lost four of five and now play road games against the Packers and Titans.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick) - 18th (no change):

This is a surprising outcome for a team that had such high expectations entering the season. Josh Freeman hasn't been himself all year, receivers are dropping easy passes, and the young defensive front has been underwhelming. Expert Rankings - 20th (down from 18th) (Elliot Harrison) - 20th (down from 19th):

In terms of ugly home losses, it doesn't get much worse than Sunday's 37-9 debacle vs. the mighty Texans. The sad thing, the Bucs already have one of the worst -- if not the worst -- road performances of the season, when they fell 48-3 in San Francisco. The 4-5 Bucs aren't out of the postseason race yet, but it's hard to think playoffs (playoffs!?) when the opposition has outscored them 233 to 156. It's time to bring back the creamsicle uni.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - 20th (no change):

Is this their step-back year because of all the youth? It sure looks like it. They just don't look right.

National Football Post - 21st (down from 19th):

Time for the Bucs to work on some tackling drills in practice.

Pro Football Weekly - 20th (down from 18th):

Everything going wrong of late; still a year or two away.

Pro Football Talk - 19th (down from 17th):

The good news? The Bucs are no longer up and down.

The Big Lead - Tier Seven (down from Tier Six):

Can we now put a bow on the thought that this team is bad but just gets lucky in some close games?