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Second Half Game Thread: Bucs trail 16-3, defense can't tackle

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This is ugly, but somehow the game is not out of reach yet. The Bucs started off pretty horribly, allowing an 80-yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones on the first play from scrimmage. Sean Jones blew the coverage on that play, but at least the Bucs blocked the extra point. It looked like Brian Price got the push to block that extra point. 

A little later the Bucs allowed the Texans to move down the field again. An overturned interception later the Texans added three points. And it wasn't long before they allowed another touchdown when Arian Foster rumbled 78 yards for a touchdown on a dumpoff reception. Sean Jones, Aqib Talib and Tanard Jackson all failed to bring down the running back on that play. 

Meanwhile, the offense has been terrible as usual. Legarrette Blount has gotten all of seven carries, but hasn't been able to do anything with it either: he has fourteen yards. Josh Freeman has actually looked pretty decent, completing 10/20 passes for 137 yards, but several drops have hurt him again. A failed fourth-down conversion inside the Texans' five-yard line stopped what could have been a late touchdown drive, although the Bucs did get a 55-yard field goal to cut the lead to 16-3. 

So can they get it going in the second half? Do I say that every week? Here's your second half game thread