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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Mike Williams

Mike Williams as the Sleeper of the Week. Again? Yep. At some point I have to actually be right, don't I?

So why this week? The Texans are ranked 30th in the league against #1 wide receivers by Football Outsiders' numbers. That has to be worth something, right? Teams have been able to find their main receiver with impunity against the Texans, while failing to find anyone else, really. Despite his slump Mike Williams is still the team's main receiver, and the Bucs will try to get him the football.

And while Williams has been slumping, he seems to have played a little better in recent weeks. Can the Bucs finally get him the ball consistently, and can Mike Williams do something with it? If they can get it done at all this year, why not this week? Please? So I can be right on this feature for once this season?