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Why Albert Haynesworth won't make a big impact

There is a very simple reason why Albert Haynesworth won't make a big impact on the Bucs' defense: he hasn't been able to make a big impact on any defense in the past three years, ever since getting his big contract. 

espite that, it seems the Bucs are in full-on PR mode to explain that Albert Haynesworth is totally going to do well. 

Mark Dominik claims that Albert Haynesworth wasn't asked to one-gap in New England. This is nonsense. Haynesworth was mostly on the field as a three-technique defensive tackle with the Patriots, and he was asked to play one gap while doing so. Were there plays where this wasn't the case? Sure. But he was predominantly one-gapping and asked to disrupt place. 

To be fair, Haynesworth wasn't bad as a three-technique in New England. He was occasionally disruptive and managed to impact a decent amount of plays. He didn't look like  a star doing exactly what the Bucs will ask him to do, though. And while he managed to get some penetration and disruption, he was also driven to the ground and out of the play too often on running plays. 

Haynesworth wasn't a bad player per se in New England. He was, however, an inconsistent player, at times disinterested especially in the run game - and he eventually complained his way out of the team. At some point, Haynesworth is going to complain again. Or he's going to play a lazy and undisciplined game. He's shown that he will do that with every team he's played for in his career. Those problems didn't just appear after he got his big new contract - they happened in Tennessee too. 

This doesn't mean Haynesworth won't be a useful player for the Bucs. They've said that he could get about 30 to 35 plays in a game. That seems about right with the role in which I would use him: pass rush specialist. He'll be an upgrade over Roy Miller and Frank Okam in that role. He could also come in on some running downs in a rotation, but I'd be a lot less convinced that he could make a positive impact there. 

Haynesworth could make the Bucs a little better. But he's not going to be a huge factor or a savior. He will be a rotational player with some specific uses. Don't expect anything more.