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Texans - Buccaneers blacked out

"Again? Ugh."
"Again? Ugh."

A couple of days ago, a Buccaneers home game sold out. Cowboys - Buccaneers won't be blacked out in the area. Unfortunately, that doesn't exactly go for Sunday's game. The Bucs will see their fourth home blackout of the year when they face the Houston Texans on Sunday.

As usual, this means the game won't be on television locally. Everyone within a 75-mile radius will be blacked out, but in practice this radius is significantly larger because any signal that enters that 75-mile radius will be blacked out as well.

This continues a trend started in 2009, when Bucs attendance started to fall. 2010 saw the first blackouts for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the construction of Raymond James Stadium. This year the Bucs have managed to sell out their two primetime games, at least, and attendance does appear to be trending upward. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but for now blackouts will continue to occur.