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San Francisco 49ers lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-3 after an ugly-as-sin first half - Second half Game Thread

Well, this is getting ugly. Josh Freeman has thrown two interceptions, one of them was returned for a touchdown. The punt coverage unit can't stop Ted Ginn Jr. The defense can't stop the 49ers. Gerald McCoy is out (questionable to return) with what appeared to be a serious lower leg injury. Alex Smith is driving the Niners downfield at will.Even the two-minute offense looks horrible today.  Whatever else can go wrong? 

The only reason to have some hope? The Bucs defense looked a little better at the end of the half, and the Bucs have a history of second-half comebacks. And they did have one very good drive - which stalled at the goalline. And, ehm, I guess Preston Parker looked pretty good again. So yeah, there's that. If only Freeman can refrain from playing horribly and the defense can get a few stops, maybe the Bucs can pull this one out. Maybe.