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Bucs Nation Fantasy Sleeper of the Week

Here's your Bucs Nation Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: WR Mike Wlliams.

Why? Well, the 49ers are terrific at stopping the run, which likely means the Bucs are going to pass a lot more than they have in recent games. And Mike Williams would be the major beneficiary of that passing game. Williams has had a slow start to this season, and had his best game of the year on Monday Night with five catches for 66 yards. More promisingly, he was targeted a team-high eight times.

The 49ers have actually been pretty decent at stopping the pass, but have really struggled against #1 receivers so far this year. In fact, by Football Outsiders' numbers they're 26th in the league against #1 wideouts. With Freeman improving and Mike Williams apparently becoming a bigger part of the offense, he could have a big day on Sunday.

So if you're looking for a Buccaneer sleeper, take a look at Mike Williams.