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Daily Bucs Links 10/5/11 - Legarrette Blount getting some national attention

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LeGarrette Blount is proving his worth to Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Peter King -
Peter King's thoughts on the game. news: Blount wipes slate clean with hard-running style for Buccaneers
Here's a great piece that looks at Legarrette Blount's journey so far. One thing that has impressed me about Blount this year: patience and vision. He has really improved as a runner. 

Draw It Up: Blount's Game-Winning Touchdown - The Triangle Blog
Smart Football's Chris Brown breaks down the Power run that gave Blount his game-clinching touchdown. 

Josh Freeman outplayed Curtis Painter - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Well yeah, I'd certainly hope so. 

NFL - Week 4 Total QBR Leaders - ESPN
Josh Freeman's day: average by Total QBR. 

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 4 Quick Reads
Josh Freeman's day: awesome by DVOA. It's like DVOA and QBR can never agree on the Bucs' quarterback. 

Bucs notes: T Penn shuts down Colts DE Freeney |
Donald Penn had a very good game and has had a good season so far, and that holding penalty was very weak. But he's not an All Pro tackle.

NFL -- Too much heat on O-lines? - ESPN
Ross Tucker makes a good point: it's easy to critique your offensive line, but a lot of teams have shaky lines. The Bucs line isn't great, but it has had a decent season so far. 

Dolphins poach O-lineman Will Barker from Bucs – Miami Dolphins – Sun-Sentinel
The Bucs lose Will Barker to the Dolphins. Barker spent a couple of games on the active roster late last season as the 6th offensive lineman. 

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NFL - Week 4 Total QBR Season Leaders - ESPN
Freeman is in the middle of the pack. He's also improving, which is good. 

The Bucs know how to close | ProFootballTalk
Pro Football Talk has some notes on the game. It would also be nice if the Bucs figured out how to open. 

Updated cap numbers, as of Monday | ProFootballTalk
Surprise: the Bucs signed basically no one and are still near the bottom of the league in salary cap numbers. I'm shocked. Shocked, I say!

Monday Night Football Is Dead -
Monday Night Football doesn't get a lot of good matchups anymore, that's for sure. Who thought it was a good idea to give the Jaguars two appearances this year?

New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers can blame their weak running games for their losses - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
The statistics Mark Kriegel uses here are pointless: winning teams always run the ball more than losing teams because they run out the clock when they're ahead, and losing teams pass to catch up. But he does make a good point: it's a lot easier to pass the ball when you run the ball well. 

Bucs offense has big night in win against Colts |
The offense finally seemed to get back on track. And it wasn't against a bad defense, either. 

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 4 DVOA Ratings
The Bucs are moving up. The takes a huge jump this week. 

Re-Focused - Colts @ Bucs, Week 4 |
Pro Football Focus loved Michael Bennett's performance. Trueblood? Not so much. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are winning with defense and opportunistic offense - St. Petersburg Times
Both the offense and the defense are improving, which has me feeling good about the rest of this season despite a very tough remaining schedule. 

Five Observations: Indianapolis, Week Four |
Five observations on the game.