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Bucs Nation Open Thread: Late Games

So those early games were a lot more exciting than I expected. Vikings-Panthers was a very good game, and the Panthers losing that doesn't hurt. The Ravens made it a last-second thing, but they did win in the end. The Dolphins almost beat the New York Giants, but couldn't quite there. Even Jaguars-Texans was close to the end, although the Texans won in the end. Only Colts-Titans was really a bad game. 

And of course, the New Orleans Saints lost to the St. Louis Rams. Yes, that really, really happened. Drew Brees looked terrible, but his offensive line got him killed. The Rams knew how to beat the Saints: beat up those tackles and get push up the middle. The Bucs did the same thing two weeks ago - and they should be able to take that up a notch once Gerald McCoy comes back. 

And this evening's slate of games actually looks good - although that probably means it will suck. 

Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos - 4:05 PM
Matthew Stafford vs Tim Tebow! I'm going to watch a little bit of this, but not for either QB. I'm going to watch it to see rookie phenom Von Miller play. That guy is a special pass rusher. 

Washington Redskin @ Buffalo Bills - 4:05 PM
The Buffalo Bills offense is a lot of fun to watch, really. The Washington Redskins offense is too, but mostly for the hilarious interceptions. 

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks - 4:15 PM
The Cincinnati Bengals have defied the odds and are playing well this year. Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks have Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback. This is not going to end well. 

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers - 4:15 PM
Two star quarterbacks face off, and neither is facing a good defense. This will be fun. 

Cleveland browns @ San Francisco 49ers - 4:15 PM
49ers are going to kill this. 

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles - 8:20 PM
Hey, a good matchup. Somehow the Eagles are last in the division. The Cowboys are just one win above them. Hilarious.