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Let's talk about something positive: Adrian Clayborn

We haven't really talked about anything positive this week - despite the fact that the team is actually 4-3 and one game out of the division lead. So here I go, talking about one positive: Adrian Clayborn. It looks like for the third year in a row the Bucs have hit on a first-round draft pick, as Clayborn has been much better than I ever expected. 

Clayborn's three sacks don't do justice to his play this season, as the right defensive has dominated left tackles for the past couple of games. J'Marcus Webb had no answer for his bull rushes, let alone his speed around the edge - and the week before, Jermon Bushrod had no shot against him. And the best thing is that Clayborn is still improving: every game he seems to get better and learn something new. 

Most of all, though, Clayborn is just fun to watch. He plays the game hard, and he tries to physically beat up on offensive linemen. No running around tackles for this guy - he tries to blow right through them. Whenever I'm watching this year's defense I'm inexorably drawn to the right side of the defensive line - and a little disappointed when I see Tim Crowder line up there for his few snaps per game.