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What is wrong with Josh Freeman? Part three: accuracy

At the end of last year, Josh Freeman was very accurate. He was hitting his receivers in stride, firing bullets into small windows and hitting deep balls with terrific accuracy. He had also gotten very good at regulating the velocity of his throws: he knew when to fire a hot ball and when to take something off it to give his receiver an easy catch. 

But this year, he has been off on his throws. The reason is easy: his footwork hasn't been consistent. He started out the year well enough, but three games in he started to miss on his throws, especially on out routes. Over and over again a receiver has been open near the sideline, and Freeman just missed him. 

Thankfully, the solution here is easy: as always: Freeman has to get back to the mechanics he was playing with late last season. The only way to do this is simple practice, and he has a bye week to drill this into his body.