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Power Play of the Week: Ronde Barber tackles Matt Forte for a safety

The Bucs lost on Sunday, but there were some positive plays. One of the best plays on the day came on a simple tackle for loss - what made it special was that it happened in the end zone. I'm going to highlight this play because it was the first score for the Bucs in the game, but also because it was a total team effort. Check it out here. 

That play started with Frank Okam, who destroyed the offensive guard, eliminating the gap Matt Forte had. Adrian Clayborn and Brian Price got enough penetration to push the offensive line into the backfield, which cut off Forte's backside cutback option. Meanwhile Ronde Barber was engaged with the offensive tackle (yes, the tackle) on the front side, managed to get free before Forte could get out of the endzone. Quincy Black came flying in, forcing Forte to cut it wide even further - and then Ronde finished the play with a tackle in the endzone. 

Frank Okam made that play, but it was a total team effort on defense that turned it into two points. Unfortunately, the defense had trouble playing like that throughout the first quarter. Forte kept getting to the edge and turning the corner, something the Bucs defense has struggled to stop. They managed to fix that in the second half, but people - and Ronde Barber specifically - fail to set the edge too often on those outside runs. This was one example where they did not have the problem - and the result was two points.