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NFL Power Rankings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers are falilng down, falling down

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The Bucs lost in ugly fashion, and everyone is questioning the quarterback. Obviously this is going to be reflected in the power rankings, and the Buccaneers tumbled all the way down to 17th. They were ranked 12th  just one week ago. One close loss to a decent opponent did a lot of damage to the Bucs' image. 

SB  Nation - 15th (down from 9th): 

Gotta beat the Bears if you're thinking of winning the NFC South.

ESPN - 17th (down from 12th):

Josh Freeman has four more INTs through six games than he had in 16 games last season.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick) - 16th (down from 9th):

Don't know what to make of the loss in London, as Josh Freeman looked absolutely terrible. Great time for a bye week to prepare for a run through New Orleans, Houston and Green Bay. That stretch will determine the fate of the Bucs. Experts Poll - 17th (down from 10th) (Elliot Harrison) - 17th (down from 12th):

Tampa Bay made the London Bowl a game in the second half, after suffering several self-inflicted wounds in the first. Unfortunately, the biggest issue emanating from the Bucs is the health of Earnest Graham, who was lost for the season with a torn Achilles' tendon. With LeGarrette Blount's iffy health, this is a serious loss for Raheem Morris. Tampa has a bye to get Blount, Gerald McCoy, and the rest of the guys healthy, but the trip to the Superdome in two weeks looms very large.

National Football Post - 18th (down from 12th):

When Earnest Graham went down, the Bucs had no choice but to pass vs. the Bears' Cover 2 defense.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - 17th (down from 10th):

Two trips to London and two bad games for Josh Freeman. They might want to avoid the other side of the pond.

Pro Football Talk - 15th (down from 8th):

If the goal is to build a fan base in London, the league should be sending back the teams that have actually, you know, won games there.

Pro Football Weekly - 17th (down from 12th):

Interceptions did Josh Freeman in at Wembley.

The Big Lead - Tier Five (down from tier three):

This team is hurting for running backs as well.