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Monday Night Football Open Thread

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Another week, another Monday Night Football, another terrible matchup. Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars? This is going to be a slaughter?

Who planned the Monday Night Football schedule this year anyway? There hasn't been a single interesting matchup so far, and there haven't been any good games either. Most games are unattractive, and

I mean, the Jacksonville Jaguars get to go on Monday Night Football twice. I like the Jaguars, but they're 1-5 and they didn't look like they'd be good going into the year. One of the games left on the docket is Rams at Seahawks. Seriously.

There are only three games between currently teams left on the docket: Giants at Saints in week 13, Steelers at 49ers in week 16 and Falcons at Saints in week 17. And Jon Gruden signed up for five more years of this nonsense.

Still, here's your game thread. Discuss anything and everything about football, fantasy football or whatever else you want to talk about in here.