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Bucs Nation Fantasy Sleeper of the Week

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This week's fantasy sleeper of the week is Mike Williams. I know he hasn't done much so far this season, but the Chicago Bears rank last against number one receivers by DVOA. If that isn't good enough, then Mike Williams is never going to be relevant as a fantasy player this season. 

Josh Freeman has not connected much with Mike Williams and when he has it hasn't been for a lot of yardage, but he has targeted the second-year wideout a lot. In fact, Williams has been thrown to over 50 times this season - which bodes well for his opportunities against the Chicago Bears. 

And Mike Williams did look better last week than he did in previous week. He's the best option as a sleeper this week, but he isn't a great option. Then again, he could turn it all around in an instant and look like his 2010 self again. We'll see on Sunday.