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Bears @ Bucs - Three key matchups when Tampa Bay is on defense

Here are my three key matchups on defense:

Adrian Clayborn vs J'Marcus Webb

Webb is not a good left tackle. In fact, he's one of the worst left tackles in the NFL. Adrian Clayborn has shown progress each and every week and he should have the ability to destroy Webb in one-on-one situations. If Clayborn can do that and get in Cutler's face, he can force the sulky quarterback to throw the ball of his back foot - which will lead to turnovers. 

Of course, all this depends on Mike Martz's willingness to compromise his downfield passing game for pass protection. If the Bears continue to pass from three-step drops and with extra blockers in to help out the offensive line Clayborn isn't going to have a shot. Which is where the next matchup comes in. 

Tanard Jackson vs Jay Cutler

Jackson is in prime position to pick off Jay Cutler if the Bucs can get pressure on the quarterback. Cutler throws wobbly passes off his back foot, and Jackson has a nose for the football if that happens. But if the Bucs can't pressure Cutler, Jackson is going to have to stay disciplined and guard against the deep ball to Devin Hester

Can Jackson prevent the big play, and can he key a few turnovers? If so, the Bucs stand a great chance of winning Sunday's contest. 

Mason Foster vs Matt Forte

Matt Forte is the Bears' offense right now, so the Bucs have to find a way to stop him. Surprisingly the Bucs have been very stingy against the run game, so stopping his production on the ground doesn't need to be a big problem. It's when he leaks out of the backfield that Forte becomes a real problem. Usually he'll be Mason Foster's responsibility if that happens, and Foster needs to get the versatile back on the ground quickly whenever he catches the football. If he can't, Forte could blaze through the Bucs' secondary for long gains.