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National Power Rankings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers move up to 12th

Whooooooo, top ten!
Whooooooo, top ten!

After a hard-fought, close win the Buccaneers have regained a lot of the respect that blowout loss on the West Coast cost them. They were ranked 16th on average last week, but have moved up to 12th this week. People aren't buying that the Bucs are a really good team right now, but if they manage to beat the Chicago Bears in London that could change quickly. 

SB Nation - 9th (up from 12th):

I'm prepared to hear from some Tampa Bay fans who want them ranked above the Saints, and I understand that. But I also remember the 48-3 stomping at the hands of the 49ers. They're on their way but they're not there yet.

ESPN - 12th (up from 16th):

After a rough game versus the 49ers, the Bucs' run defense shut down the Saints

Fox Sports(Brian Billick) - 9th (up from 13th):

While their primary objective was to win on Sunday, they were out to prove that the 45-point loss in Week 5 was an aberration. Earnest Graham filled in nicely for LaGarrette Blount at running back and may actually see an increased workload moving forward, but the real story was QB Josh Freeman finally playing up to the hype. He had two touchdowns and 300 yards passing. Experts - 10th (up from 13th) (Elliot Harrison) - 12th (up from 16th):

Film study is for the birds. Raheem Morris threw out "The Massacre at the 'Stick, Part I," in hopes his players would have some confidence after the 48-3 loss in San Francisco. Boy, did it work. Not only that, but Morris had his goons Tonya Harding Saints coach Sean Payton. Just kidding. Actually, forcing four New Orleans turnovers wrote this script. Big win.

National Football Post - 12th (up from 18th):

How about Raheem Morris? This Bucs team comes back after the Week 5 beating in San Fran to knock off the Saints.

The Big Lead - Tier Three (up from Tier Five)

They just got their best win of the year, coming off several lackluster performances and the disaster in San Fran. Beat the Bears in London, and I'll believe that the 49ers blowout was more of a fluke and this team is on the rise again. (vs. Chicago in Lond0n)

Pro Football Weekly - 12th (up from 19th):

Earned back a lot of respect with statement win.

Pro Football Talk - 8th (up from 15th):

Raheem Morris should get coach of the year votes for getting that 48-3 taste out of his team's mouth so quickly.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - 10th (up from 15th):

Give Raheem Morris big props for getting his team to bounce back against a good Saints team after that San Francisco thumping. Josh Freeman did the same.