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Bucs Nation Monday Night Football Game Thread - THIS GUY

Are you ready for some football? No, wait, that guy isn't doing the anthem anymore. Instead, we'll get......Fireman Ed. Seriously, that loudmouth is going to get to do the intro for tonight's Monday Night Football Game. Maybe when the Bucs get on MNF again, they'll get Big Nasty to do the intro. 

I'll tell you which guy is still going on Monday Night Football: Jon Gruden. He'll get to shout 'THIS GUY' for another five years, as ESPN extended his contract. This doesn't guarantee the former Buccaneers coach won't return to the field, but it does make it less likely. It looks like Jon Gruden wants to become the new John Madden. Except I hope we won't see "Jon Gruden Football 14" any time soon. 

Let's talk about some football! Does your fantasy match require Mark Sanchez to do well (yeah, right, that's happening)? Do you really care about the Jets or Dolphins? Or do you just want to blab about the Bucs win? Here's the thread for tonight.