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Buccaneers lead Saints 20 to 10 at half time - Second half Game Thread

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Well, this is unexpected. The Bucs are destroying the Saints so far on both sides of the ball. The defense has been stout against the run, and has forced three turnovers. Geno Hayes forced a fumble which was recovered by Da'Quan Bowers early in the game, and Tanard Jackson got an interception late in the first half in his first game in 56 weeks. Adjustment period? No sir. And after that, E.J. Biggers picked off Drew Brees on a badly thrown fade route. 

And the offense has managed to capitalize on those turnovers. Josh Freeman has thrown for two touchdowns, completed 16 of 24 passes for 193 yards - 8 yards per attempt, his best mark of the season. The biggest play in the game was also the biggest play of his career: a 65-yard touchdown pass to Arrelious Benn. Preston Parker added another touchdown on a slant. 

If the Bucs can finish the game and hang on in the second half, they will be tied for the division lead with the New Orleans Saints, but would win on tiebreakers - they would obviously lead the head-to-head with the Saints, but would also have a better record in the division. 

Can the Bucs hold on in the second half?