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Bucs Nation Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Earnest Graham

I'm not a big fan of Earnest Graham at running back at this point in his career. He lacks a real burst now, doesn't really have speed left and doesn't have the size to power through tacklers. But the situation is perfect for him to have a big game on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints

First, the Bucs' offensive line has had a very good year run blocking for Legarrette Blount. Their Power O and Iso Lead Weak plays are very difficult to stop for defenses. Three players have really stood out as blockers this year: Jeremy Zuttah as a pull blocker on Power plays, Erik Lorig as a lead blocker on Iso Lead plays and especially Davin Joseph on all plays. The big man is earning his big contract. 

That blocking won't go away now that Graham will likely be the running back, as Legarrette Blount is out for the game against the New Orleans Saints. And despite bringing in some formidable help on the defensive line in the form of defensive tackles Aubrayo Franklin and Shaun Rogers, the Saints run defense has really struggled this year. By Football Outsiders' DVOA they are the 23rd ranked run defense, which really is not very good. 

Combine that with Earnest Graham's significance for a checkdown-heavy passing game, and the small man could have a big game.