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Power Play of the Week: Josh Freeman throws a pick-six

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Another new series has popped up: Power Play of the Week. Every week I'll choose a play that affected the outcome of the game in a very powerful way.

This week, there's no better play than Freeman''s pick six. The play came at a pivotal moment in the game. The Bucs were down 7-3, but had just recovered a Frank Gore fumble inside their own ten-yard line. After a first-down run for 2 yards, the Buccaneers brought on Demar Dotson to serve as an extra offensive lineman. The Bucs faked the run to Legarrette Blount, which combined with keeping Dotson in for pass protection gave Josh Freeman plenty of time to survey field.

And then, he decided to throw the ball to a covered Kellen Winslow, giving Carlos Rogers an easy interception on the play. Rogers managed to evade about every offensive player on the field on his subsequent return. That gave the 49ers a commanding 14-3 lead. It only got worse for the Bucs from there on out.

After the game, Josh Freeman said he thought Kellen Winslow would run that route differently. "I thought [Kellen Winslow] was going to shave it underneath, but he took it deep." That could be true, but even if Kellen Winslow had run the route shallower, Rogers was still in perfect position to pick off the pass.

There's your power play of the week. Hopefully next week we can talk a more positive play.