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Game Ball of the Week: Connor Barth

I wouldn't be awarding a game ball of the week if I didn't have to. Sunday's game doesn't deserve a game ball. But because I have to do so, I'm going to give it to the only player who was perfect on the day: kicker Connor Barth. He got one shot to do something, and he did it, putting actual points on the board. 

Everyone else messed up at least once. Freeman threw interceptions. None of the receivers went over 60 yards receiving. Blount got less than 4 yards per carry. Koenen had a couple of punts returned for significant yardage. No one on defense really did anything. Special teams did nothing. 

So, Game Ball to the field goal kicker. This is also a good opportunity to say some good things about Connor Barth, who has been an excellent kicker throughout his career with the Bucs. He has never had a field goal blocked, has never missed an extra point and has hit on 80% of his career field goals. He has even won several games with last-second field goals. It's good to have a kicker you know you can rely on, because at least you'll put up three points on the board.