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Open Game Thread: Saturday Wild Card Round Games

If you still have the stomach for some NFL football, then use this as your haven for discussion of Satuday's games.  First, we have the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints battling one of the worst teams I've watched live this season - the 7-9 NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks at 4:30 ET from Qwest Field in the great Northwest.  Such is life.  The Saints are pretty badly banged up, but should be able to handle Charlie Whitehurst and/or the Ghost of Matt Hasselbeck and the swiss cheese Seattle defense. 

Next, we have the New York Jets invading Lucas Oil Field to battle Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts at 8 pm ET.  Rex Ryan's bunch surely wiill look to start off the playoffs on the right "foot".  An early exit would be embarassing following Ryan's preseason proclamation of Super Bowl or bust.  Ryan has praised Peyton and slapped Tom Brady in the face this week.  I would expect absolutely nothing less from a windbag like Ryan.