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Buccaneers preparing for a lockout.

With CBA negotiations in a holding pattern, teams and players have to make plans for how they will handle the potentially extra long offseason.  If/when the players are on strike or locked out, they can not practice with coach oversight or gather at team facilities. 

So what will the players do?

Some teams have talked about putting a plan together that will allow players to practice and train as a group.  It most likely will involve a player acting as coach and coordinating the practice place and time.  This includes the Bucs.

"We've got our own plan mapped out,'' he said without getting into the specifics of that plan. "I'm sure every club does but I'm also sure that every club doesn't want to tell each other how they plan to do it."

The above quote is from Mark Dominik in an article by Roy Cummings from  From a planning standpoint, the lockout has to make players and coaches cringe.  The nucleus of the team is just getting formed, and they may potentially miss some crucial time.  Now everyone will miss the same amount of time, its just too bad from a development standpoint that this could happen.