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Grading with a blindfold is all the rage.

Apparently they let anyone have a radio show these days.  And not only can anyone have a show, but they let them grade out teams and players with no real credentials.  Grading out some teams are easier than others.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of those easy team, going from 3-13 to 10-6 and just out of the playoffs.  Certain players are easy to grade also.  Mike Williams, Cody Grimm, and Josh Freeman come to mind.

But not Barrett Ruud.

Granted, he is a pretty polarizing figure, but I don't think anyone would give him an A or an F.  He'd probably fall in the middle of the road category more times than not, with variance bringing a B or D into play.  We can all find flaws in his game, but he also made some nice plays along the way.  He does have value to the team, I'm just not sure it's as the starting MLB in the Tampa Two defense the way Raheem Morris runs.  So while I haven't graded him out, we'd all end up in about the same place, Average.  Unless you're Pat Kirwan.

Barrett Ruud is not going to be Brian Urlacher in the Tampa-2. He’s not going to be Ray Lewis. He never will be. If I had to grade him on his play this year, I’d give him an A-minus."

BucsNation, Go.