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Freeman Joined Gottlieb on Monday

Josh Freeman joined the Doug Gottlieb Show on Monday afternoon. I happened to catch the interview and here are some of the highlights:

Regarding Blount:

He's a good dude. He's a competitor

Freeman had a lot of good things to say about Blount including that players tried to push his buttons to get him to break initially, and pretty much said Blount never cracked.

On Cutler:

If I'm playing in the NFC Championship game the only way I'm going out is if there is bones sticking out. They will have to carry me out on a stretcher.

The situation could have been handled better.

...Body language is how people perceive you.

Freeman apparently predicted at the start of the playoffs that the Packer and Steelers would be in the Super Bowl. On who he is picking

Packers...Some of the stuff Aaron Rogers is doing with the football is magical. He has the strongest arm in the NFL bar-none.

My biggest takeaway is Freeman's comment on having to be carted off the field in an NFC Championship game. I love his heart, but it's one thing to say this and a whole 'nother to follow through with it. The truth is if Cutler couldn't plant or cut, he probably would have been a less effective quarterback than he already was in that game (which wasn't very effective). It's easy to talk that game though. I don't know how bad Cutlers knee was, but Freeman nailed it when he said that body language is how people perceive you. Cutler just didn't look like it bothered him much. I would also point out that while there is severity in MCL sprains, a forward for the Lady Seminoles basketball team, this past weekend, sprained her MCL in the first half of a game and returned in the second.