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Big Game Sunday: How Do You Roll?

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and although the teams that remain likely don't strike up much interest to those that peruse this site, there's no doubt that most everyone will still tune into the big game on February 6.  Of freaking course, it's Super Bowl Sunday.  Monday should be a national holiday committed to the sadness that comes with the end of football and to accomodate the hangover that follows.

Anywho....SBNation is teaming up with Coca Cola to give us a platform to discuss how you spend your Super Bowl Sundays.  Are you the kind of person that likes to host a big group of people at your house?  Do you like to fire up the grill in the back yard and cook out up a smorgas bord for the neighborhood?  Wings? Dips? Nachos? Steaks? Chicken? Do you like to avoid the hassle of hosting a party, but rather prefer to go over to someone else's house and enjoy their hospitality?  Do you like to go to a nearby watering hole and pound some drinks with a group of friends.....or a group of stangers?  Do you say to heck with it, order a pizza, and watch it by yoruself or with your significant other?

As I've added on a few more birthdays, I've shyed away from hosting big groups or going to big parties.  I prefer to sit in my recliner in the comfort of my own home and watch the game on my big screen.  I like to watch the pregame and soak in the entire gameday atmosphere.  Fortunately, my lady has been kind enough to help me out in making a spread of delectable items, including a 7-layer Mexican dip, cheese dip, mini meatballs, and buffalo wings.  It leaves a couple days' worth of leftovers, which is always nice.

So what are your Super Bowl Sundays typically like?  What are you gonna do this year?  Let's hear it, Bucs Nation....