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Bucs close with a win, no playoffs, at 10-6.

In the end, we couldn't count on the other teams to cooperate.  None of that withstanding, the Bucs finished off their season with a great win in New Orleans beating the Saints to close out the year with their 10th win.  Though the Saints pulled their starters in the 4th quarter, the Bucs were winning when they left, so this is not a victory to take lightly.

While not a spectacular game, it's proof that the Bucs have come a long way since mid 2009.  The only real blemish was the loss against the Lions that kept them out of the playoffs, but outside of that, the last few weeks have given Bucs fans a lot to look forward to in 2011.  Among those things, Mike Williams who broke the franchise record for touchdowns and Legarrette Blount who broke 1,000 yards in only 12 games of work.  Couple that with Freeman who had a fantastic sophomore year and improved where he needed to, and the Bucs have a bright future.  This is without mentioning Benn and Stroughter who will continue to be nice pieces for years to come.

The defense wasn't flashy but with McCoy making strides late in the year before he got hurt, Talib continuing his growth, and Cody Grimm making believers out of us, our defense should see more improvement in 2011.

Sadly, this is the last we will see of the team for the year as the Redskins and Bears could not take care of business.  While the playoffs go on without us, this was a successful year. 

Congrats to each and every player, coach, and individual associated with the organization.  The future looks bright from here.