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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: One Last Chance Today for Bucs to Make a Lasting Impact

So, I'm watching the ESPN pregame show, and they're doing a feature on the NFC South, a division they referred to as kind of an overlooked division at times.  We see and hear Matt Ryan and Drew Brees talk about their playcalling, things they do in the huddle, things they do to get team fired up pregame, etc etc etc. 

No Josh Freeman.

They talk about what needs to happen for the Falcons to claim the division and home field advantage.  They talk about what the Saints need to do to claim the NFC South and home field advantage.  They talk about whether the Saints' big win over the Falcons was a good thing for the Falcons.

Oh, by the way, the Bucs can get in with a win and NYG/GB losses. 

Really, I can't be too surprised, I guess.  This Buccaneer team has had an impressive season, but it still hasn't beaten a team with a winning record.  It's lost all 3 games against said aforementioned division opponents.  I guess if you really want the pub, you've got to go out there and earn it. 

So, that's where today comes in.  The Buccaneers might not have the ability to control their own destiny all the way to a playoff berth.  In fact, it's much more likely than not that we'll be watching their last game today.....and the sad thing is, we don't know when we're going to watch them play again.  That is a damned shame, given how incredibly fun it's been to follow this team through the ups and down of a season that can only be described as exciting. 

However, what the Bucs can do is shed that "can't beat a good team" mentality and tag their 2010 season with a memorable signature win over the defending world champion.  That would leave both fans and media alike remembering that this team certainly is no longer an afterthought when you mention the NFC South.  It would also show that when you set a goal, as Raheem did with 10 wins, anything is possible in this league, even when injuries, youth, inexperience, and a financially-crippled fan base make things seem bleak at times.

Regardless of what happens today, this season has been an unforgettable success and a joy to watch, and for that, I thank all of the Buccaneer players, coaches, and executives.  Now, go out and make one more memory.