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Gameday Thread: Win and Hope - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Carnell Williams

#24 / Running Back / Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Apr 21, 1982


This is it. The game that could determine whether we see another game or go on vacation. And that's besides the division rivalry and all that jazz. You know the events we need to happen. A win at New Orleans by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then losses by the Packers and Giants.

And with it (potentially) being the last game of the year, we have to face the facts that we may be seeing the last of some of our favorites in Bucs uniforms. The most obvious and notable? Ronde Barber could be playing his last game as a Buc, though there has been no retirement talk. Barrett Ruud may be on his way out, same with Trueblood and Joseph. And of course, Cadillac. This could be his last game as a Buc. Once a first round steal, now a re-tooled third down back, this could be the last time he comes out as a Tampa Bay Buc. Thanks for the memories Cadillac.

Godspeed guys, thanks for the memories, and go get us one last win.