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Discussion Time: Who Should/Will the Bucs Keep?

TAMPA FL - DECEMBER 19:  Cheerleaders of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perform during the game against the Detroit Lions at Raymond James Stadium on December 19 2010 in Tampa Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
TAMPA FL - DECEMBER 19: Cheerleaders of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perform during the game against the Detroit Lions at Raymond James Stadium on December 19 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Raheem Morris has been consistent in saying that he wants the same team back next season. However, there is a laundry list of  free agents and coaching moves are always possible. As RJBlitz posted earlier, Todd Wash probably won't be back next season as Tampa is offering Karl Dunbar the position.

This article is primarily for discussion, but I will also give you my two cents on each player:

CB Ronde Barber – My guess (though it's pretty 50/50) is that Ronde will, indeed, retire. If, however, he chooses to return for one more season the Bucs should extend him a 1 year offer. Ronde isn't a world beater at corner any more, but he was better than Lewis and Biggers this season and I imagine will still be so, marginally, next year as well. My only concern is that if he returns and Biggers beats him out, will he be OK with a Nickel role?

RB Cadillac Williams –This will pain many of you. Williams has been a fan favorite and a staple of the Bucs offense for many years. He has poured into the community of Tampa, is a leader and a good guy. However, all of that has proven to be insignificant when signing players. Derrick Brooks defined character and was handed the papers. Williams will be offered a backup role worth slightly more than what the Bucs are paying him elsewhere (New England, Miami, Washington, etc). If Williams doesn't get a better off than the little the Bucs would be willing to pay him, you may see him back, but don't expect Dominik to extend his hand too far. My prediction is that he will NOT be back.

LB Barrett Ruud – Let the debate begin. I know this will likely be the player most discussed in this thread. To me, Ruud is a smart player that lacks some physical tools. I said it this year, but I still think it applies, that much of Ruud's success will be determined by the play of the tackles in front of him. Ruud isn't great at shedding blocks or running through lead blockers to get to his hole. He is what he is at this point, but with the right pieces around him he can be successful. Bucs should bring him back because he is smart enough to survive. The Bucs would bring him back for the lack of an upgrade, but may not bring him back if Ruud asks for too much (which is the likely outcome).

LB Quincy Black* – Black regressed some this year. I don't think the Bucs dropped off much with Watson and Hayward filling in. Bringing Black back is certainly an option, but at what cost? A team desperate for an OLB may overpay for him. I think they should bring him back, without breaking the bank. I think Black finds a better offer elsewhere.

G Davin Joseph* – After a disappointing season that ended with an injury (and could have been the cause of inferior play) Joseph is a bit of a mystery to me. He has the tools to be a pro-bowl caliber player. He needs to learn defenses and blitz packages to be a better guard. Bucs should bring him back because he is better than Ted Larsen. Bucs will likely offer him more than he will get elsewhere.

DL Tim Crowder* – Bucs will pay for him. A solid 3rd DE on a team that wishes to rotate their #2 (or is forced to).

TE John Gilmore – I really like Gilmore as a #2. Bucs have found some other options with younger guys, but none can block like Gilmore, and Gilmore is still a viable option in the end-zone. He's not Kellen Winslow, but a good offense needs a 2nd TE. Bucs should and will bring him back.

LB Adam Hayward*
–I love how Hayward filled in for Black this season. Morris did a phenomenal job of using Hayward and Watson to match their talents. Hayward is capable of playing any LB position and should be kept. I don't see any reason the Bucs wouldn't bring him back, but Hayward may seek a place in which he can start.

LB Niko Koutouvides –ST standout. Emergency depth. Not a high price. Should/will bring him back.

WR Micheal Spurlock* – f Should and will. I love how Spurlock stepped up this season as a 3rd WR. It was a remarkable turnaround. He made some big catches this season. I think Yarber likes Spurlock and will continue to fit him in the offense, even with the rise of Arrelious Benn.

WR Maurice Stovall* – Should/will be gone. The Bucs won't re-sign a guy who was injured most of the season and failed to ever make a difference.

T Jeremy Trueblood *– Trueblood lost his starting gig to James Lee, but is still a viable option at Tackle. To me, Trueblood was playing better than he ever had before being yanked, but he still left a lot to be desired. I like JT better than Lee as a starter and would like to see Trueblood back. I think the Bucs will make some effort to bring him back, but certainly won't go crazy with an offer.

DE Stylez G. White* – White is much like Ruud. He is what he is at this point. He is a marginal pass rusher and average against the run. If the Bucs want to have a better pass-rush they will look to the draft. Dominik said he won't overpay of help in the pass rush (which is consistent to his position the last two years). Though, if the Bucs do get an upgrade in say, Ryan Kerrigan, in the draft it could be possible to slide White to the LDE position. Anything to keep Kyle Moore out of the starting rotation.

*Indicates player is a restricted free agent under the current (CBA-less) system. Allowed to test the waters, but the Bucs will have the opportunity to match that offer. Not entirely up to the players camp where he goes. More restricted free agents are

Connor Barth (K)

James Lee (T)

Corey Lynch (S)

Frank Okam (DT)

Elbert Mack (CB)

Here is also a list of the coaching staff (copied directly from Buccaneers.Com). Feel free to talk about whether they should be gone or not. The only coach that I feel worthy of giving the boot to is Todd Wash.

Raheem Morris Head Coach
Joe Baker Linebackers Coach
Tim Berbenich Assistant Wide Receivers Coach
Tim Holt Offensive Assistant Coach
Richard Bisaccia Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
Jay Kaiser Assistant to the Head Coach
Chris Keenan Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jimmy Lake Defensive Backs Coach
Steve Logan Running Backs Coach
Pete Mangurian Offensive Line Coach
Chris Mosley Assistant Defensive Line Coach
Greg Olson Offensive Coordinator
Alfredo Roberts Tight Ends Coach
Kurtis Shultz Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Byron Storer Assistant Special Teams
Dwayne Stukes Assistant Defensive Backs Coach
Alex Van Pelt Quarterbacks Coach
Todd Wash Defensive Line Coach
Eric Yarber Wide Receivers Coach