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Questions entering Week 1 of the 2010 season.

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After all the waiting, talking, meaningless games, cuts, additions, speculation, complaining, hoping, and watching, the 2010 NFL regular season begins in less than 3 days (5 days if you don't count Thursday's game).  We've dissected preseason games, predicted cuts, analyzed the information out there, just to fill the time until the regular season started.  

But like everything in life, there seem to be more questions that answers as the season creeps closer.  As we all know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kickoff their 2010 season in the comfy, albeit quiet confines of Raymond James Stadium this Sunday at 1 PM.  Hit the jump to see some of the questions the Bucs hope to answer in 2010.

1) Will any home games be on TV this year?

Well, recent trends indicate that those of us in the area will see exactly 0 home games.  The two preseason games were blacked out without so much as a second thought.  And thought it has yet to be confirmed, all signs point to the home opener against the Cleveland Browns being blacked out.  The throwback game with the induction into the Ring of Honor might be televised, but outside of that, unless the Bucs can get off to a hot start, I can't imagine any games being televised.  That is unless the Glazers or some of the corporations that stand to benefit from the advertising (I'm looking at you Brighthouse and Publix) pony up some dough.

2) Where will the pass rush come from?

Lets assume for a minute that McCoy and Price have a solid, steady rookie year and control the middle of the line.  Who will bring the pressure from the outside?  That silence you hear is every Bucs fan wondering the same thing.  Sure, Stylez White has some flash, but is he good enough to consistently get in the backfield?  This could be a question that takes until the 2011 NFL draft to answer.

3) Will Mike WIlliams be able to live up to the recent hype?

He's a 4th round pick, lets remember that.  All of the sudden, he's becoming a household name, being drafted as a top 30 WR, and being hailed as our best receiver ever.  I'm as excited as the next guy, but lets let him grow into the spot.  Expecting him to take over the league is a wonderful thought, but lets not saddle him with unreal expectations.

4) Will my love for Caddy fade?


5) Will Josh Freeman take that next step in his development?

I sure hope so.  Until the thumb injury, all signs pointed to yes.  Now, this injury isn't a game changer unless he has to re-grip the ball or tweak something.  He also wil have to survive the first few hits and the center-quarterback exchange.  That puts pressure on the thumb that most of us don't think about.  Our moderate hopes this year ride with Freeman, lets hope he's back to 100% and ready to lead us.

There are undoubtedly other questions going into the season.  These were just the ones that jumped off the page when looking at our starting lineup(s).  Are you guys ready for some football?