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Buccaneer Roster Cuts - Open Thread

After a long, long offseason of releases, acquisitions, draft picks, and camps, the 2010 version of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finally be carved out by the Tampa Bay brain trust. Consider this your open thread to talk about who you think will be cut and a discussion of who has been retained/released once that announcement is made.

(Eh.....if you want to throw a little college football talk in there, too....ok. Just keep it clean and congenial. I will swing the banhammer for tomfoolery/trolling.)

Roster Cuts:

Michael Clayton has just been cut - the first casualty of the day.

Xavier Fulton was released too. He's the first 2009 draft pick to leave the team, having spent the past season on injured reserve. He may be a candidate for the practice squad.