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Game Ball of the Week: Here You Go, LeGarrette Blount

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

I thought for quite a while about who I would be giving this week's Sprint Game Ball.  After a game like Sunday's, finding a group of worthy candidates was like trying to find the corner of a circular room.  Josh Freeman, for being patient and avoiding disaster against a good defense? Yea, but he didn't really test the defense and make some huge plays (even though that might not have been totally his fault).

What about......well......anyone on the defense?  Can't really think of anyone who stood all.

Special teams? Preston Parker had a decent return, but otherwise not special.

Coaching? Um, no.

The Buccaneer fan in Section 121 who had the loyalty (or propensity to take punishment...?) to stay until the end of the game amongst a legion of Steeler fans? Eh....honorable mention.

Unless you're just visiting the site for the first time and read nothing below, you know who I'm going with.  As a rookie seeing his first ever regular season NFL action, LeGarrette Blount captured not just the hopes and excitement of fans with his physical and productive play, but also this week's Sprint Game Ball.  He provided an immediate spark on his first carry from scrimmage, a 12-yard gain, dragging Troy Polamalu from behind like a child for a rare first down.  He finished the day with an equally-memorable impact, scratching and clawing his way into the end zone on 4th and goal from the 1 after appearing to be initially stopped short.  As such, it's no surprise that Raheem Morris stated on his radio show Monday that Blount has earned looks in short-yardage and goalline situations.  

Despite the miserable outcome, it's pretty obvious that the Buccaneers have somebody to build on that violent and physical mantra Raheem has talked about.  If Blount can pick up the blocking schemes quickly and become productive on passing downs, he could start receiving other awards and recognition pretty quickly.

For now..... here you go, LeGarrette.  Welcome to Tampa Bay.