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Opinion: Don't Go Jumping Off a Cliff Just Yet Buc Fans

While I think we can all agree that the loss yesterday was certainly disheartening, I think that most of us would have been happy with this record going into the season. We're still in the midst of a rebuilding process, and it was extremely evident yesterday on the field. This writer predicted a win loss record of 6-10, and I still think that is easily attainable. Even an 8-8 season may not be out of reach. Our remaining schedule is extremely conducive to winning a few more times. Seattle, Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco, Arizona and Washington are all pretty beatable. In fact, even our vaunted division champions of last year, the New Orleans Saints, have been showing chinks in their armor. Losing to a very game Atlanta team yesterday, as well as struggling to a sinking 49er team last week, has shown that New Orleans has lost the defensive magic that propelled them into the playoffs last season.

It's really astounding how much our perceptions can change after just a couple of weeks. I had actually started to drink the Kool-Aid a little bit, but the fact remains that there isn't a single game remaining on the schedule that I wouldn't give us a fair shot at winning, and I don't think we can chalk any of them up to an automatic loss. Let's take a look at what's left, and you tell me if you think we can't compete for a victory.

Here's a look at the remaining schedule, along with the team's record at this point in time:

@Bengals (2-1)

Saints (2-1)

Rams (1-2)

@Cardinals (2-1)

Now, let's be conservative here and say we take two wins out of these four games (I assume we would be favored over the Cardinals and Rams right now). That will still give us a record above .500 nearly halfway through the season. How can we not be happy about this after a 3-13 season last year?

@Falcons (2-1)

Panthers (0-3)

@49ers (0-3)

@Ravens (2-1)

Falcons (2-1)

Three tough road games in this grouping, but after a surprising loss to Kansas City, after gamely competing with the Saints last week, it appears there are some serious problems in San Francisco. Let's hope our victory over Seattle last season ended our rotten luck when traveling to the west coast, and I say we win that one. I also think we handily beat Carolina at home. Assuming we lose to the Falcons twice, and the Ravens on the road this puts our overall record at 6-6 going into the final leg of the season.

@Washington (1-2)

Detroit (0-3)

Seattle (2-1)

@New Orleans (2-1)

And there it is Buc fans. The final four games. Washington and Detroit are easily winnable, which would put us at 8-8 on the season (a triumph after 3-13 for sure). There is even a small chance that we beat a jet lagged Seattle team, and face a New Orleans team that has locked up a playoff spot and resting starters. I never thought I would say it, but at this point in time, after evaluating the schedule closely, there is a smidgeon of a chance we could compete for a wildcard with a 10-6 record. So what do you think Bucs Nation? Am I crazy?