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Fantasy Football Week 3: Sit and Start

So, not a good week last week. My suggestions have become about as reliable as Lee Corso's game-day picks and a bigger joke than Kenyatta Walker's career. Regardless, I will continue to make them, if for no other reason than good fodder. In hindsight picking both Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning to let you down in the same week was probably a poorly judged decision. As they say though, it's 50-50. This week I will try and change it up with Locks and Sleepers. We'll see how this goes.


Start - Brett Favre. At this point I am starting any quarterback playing Detroit's defense, until they can prove to me that it's a bad decision. Favre is due to have a solid game at some point, why not against one of theworst pass defense in the NFL? LOCK

Tony Romo - If you thought Detroit's pass defense was bad, you should see Houstons. I will give them a little grace (but not much) for playing 2 elite quarterbacks. Dallas has been under fire and I expect them to win this game. I also expect that with all of the weapons Romo has around there is no reason for him to struggle against the Texans. LOCK

Sam Bradford - Throwing 40 times a game probably isn't ideal for a rookie. Regardless of how many points you are down. Unless your name is Greg Olson you would probably agree. However, that's what Bradford is being asked to do. The Redskins pass defense has much to be desired and I wouldn't be shocked to see them finish at the bottom of the league in this category. Bradford's QB rating improved drastically from Week 1 to Week 2. Bradford is good. Real good. Starting him would be a good idea. SLEEPER


Sit - Josh Freeman. Sure there is a chance he can continue his impressive play. I swear I'm not a "hater." However, the safe and reasonable decision is to bench him this week. LOCK

Eli Manning - What a disaster that was last week. I give NYG a good chance to win this game, but it's not going to be through the air. I expect Bradshaw to get lots of carries and and Tom Coughlin will continue to anger players. LOCK

Jay Cutler - Back to reality. The Mike Martz system is perfect for him. He will put up big yards and a couple of touchdowns this game, but I also expect to see some old Jay Cutler mistakes in this game. SLEEPER?



Start -

Michael Turner - Turner started to return to old form last week. Big stage and likely a descent amount of carries. LOCK

Jahvid Best - Riding the hot-hand. I "sat" him (literally) last week and he made me look foolish. Won't make that same mistake twice. Ignoring the matchup against good linebackers and Jared Allen. LOCK

Correll Buckhalter - Definitely taking a chance here. Knowshon out. Maroney banged up but should see some action. Buckhalter probably wont go for 150 , but may get you a score and 70 yards. If you are looking for a back in a deep league who could get you 11-13 points, Buckhalter may be worth the risk. SLEEPER.


Ryan Matthews/Mike Tolbert - I don't know how much Matthews is going to go. If you have picke up Tolbert, it may be an ok flex option, but I am not confident in either of them.LOCK

Jamall Charles - I may put too much stock into matchups. I don't like any running back going against the 49ers defense though. Charles was unimpressive (6 pts) last week, and I expect similar numbers LOCK

LaDanian Tomlinson / Shonne Green - Neither have been overly productive. The aspect of Edwards possibly missing time is overrated. I don't think it changes this offense much. FLIER


Start -

Brandon Marshall - Revis is out. Marshall has had huge days against the Jets in the past. LOCK

Louis Murphy - I don't like the Cardinals defense and I don't care for McFadden. It's hard to predict which, if any WR will get going but Gradkowski seems to have some sort of connection with Murphy. Woof, I hate picking Gators. SLEEPER

Dez Bryant - 2nd week in a row he makes this list. Again, I really like the matchup against the Texans DB's. A lot of attention should go to Austin leaving Bryant open for a descent day. LOCK


Reggie Wayne - Alright. This is going out on a limb. However, I don't think there is a better cover corner in this league than Champ Bailey. Revis is good, but Bailey is great. Has lost quite a bit of attention over the years, but I like Baileys chances to frustrate Wayne. TRUST ME LIKE A POLITICAN.

Johnny Knox - To me, Knox is too inconsistent and not worth the risk. Especially against this Packers defense. LOCK

Legedu Naanee - One of the most added players in fantasy football since the start of the season. He was a relative unknown at the start of the year. He burst on to the scene with a HUGE week 1 and was completely irrelevant last week. I dont trust guys like this on my roster. While Rivers can move the ball, I don't think Naanee is a primary target for him. However, I would say that with only 67% of FF players owning him that it's certainly worth picking him up and watching his production over the next couple of weeks. LOCK (or at least safe).



Start - Dustin Keller - Mark Sanchez more targeted player against a defense where they will need to take what they can get. I like his ability and the matchup. LOCK

Shiancoe - Again, it's Detroits defense. Love this matchup for the Vikings pass offense. LOCK

Tony G - Should be a good game. No real justification for picking him other than a gut feeling. LOCK


Owen Daniels - Has been banged up and been targeted far less than previous seasons. LOCK

Jermichael Finley - People are riding his hot hand, but against a fast, talented and physical LB corp I don't see it. Though, this is probably me putting too much stock in matchups. FLIER

John Gilmore - Hey, it's a freebie. Owned in a whopping 0% of leagues.LOCK

Defense -

Start -

Oakland Raiders - Arizona is bad. Their defense is putrid, but their offense isn't much better. Should be a safe bet. LOCK

Tampa Bays -Tampa has steadily improved their defense. I like the matchup of speed vs physicality for us. Wouldn't have last year. MEH.

Pittsburgh - Everyone is expecting this to be a defensive dream. Typically when everyone expects something, is when it doesn't happen. Regardless, I'll trust the paper. LOCK



Filthy Eagles - Don't do it. It's tempting after last weeks blunder by Garrard (who I said deserved to be challenged by McCown and would be challenged by Tebow for the starting position and was CREAMED for that bold statement) to start those jerks from the city of brotherly love, but MJD is going to have a monstrous day.

J-E-T-S - We will find out how much of a loss Revis would have been. I venture to guess not as big as some made it out to be, but it will be significant.

Dallas- I expect a high scoring game.