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Week 2 breakdown of stats for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2-0 baby. Lets relish that for a second.  Say what you want about the first two opponents, the Bucs were able to beat the competition. All they can do is play the other 22 on the field with them, and they've done that to remain tied atop the NFC South with the defending champs. 

Now that we're two games in, we can take all these stats at face value, right?  Wrong-o.  Two weeks is not long enough to take any statistic significance out of these numbers, but we are building towards that end.  These numbers are through two weeks and are on a few areas and topics that are interesting.  If there is a particular player, position, or side of the ball you want to know more about, just ask.  I'll be happy to put something together.

On to Week 2's numbers.

 To give you an indication of the direction the Bucs are heading, I'll include the rankings from last week also to show the trending in that particular category.

Total Team DVOA - 31.6% (3rd).  This is up from 8.4% (16th) last week.  A huge jump, and one that points toward how well the team has played thus far.  It's only two weeks in, but to be in the top 5 is pretty remarkable.  Of course, staying there is the goal, but lets enjoy the small victories.

Offense DVOA - -4.2% (16th).  Still negative (not good) but up from -11% (23rd) in Week 1.  Roughly league average thus far, still some work left to do.

Defense DVOA - -30.3% (4th).  Remember, for defense, negative is good.  The Bucs moved up from 12th place (-15.5%).  As a point of reference, Pittsburgh is #1 at -41.2%.  Unless our defense collapses this week, I would think we can handle most of the Steelers offense and maintain our top 5 ranking.  Of course, T-Jack's absence may sway that.

Pass Offense DVOA - Last week we were at 15.5% (13th) and after two weeks, we check in at 41.4% or 8th place.  Thank you Mr. Freeman, Mr. Williams and Mr. Winslow.

Run Offense DVOA - -34.3% (32nd).  Yikes.  32nd is not where we want to be in any category.  Down from 29th place.  We can all see the struggles we are having running the ball.  I'll give you more info on this later.

Pass Defense DVOA - -27% (8th).  We're handling the air game pretty well.  We couldn't say that last year.  Increased pressure on the QB and of course, playing a Delhomme and a Moore help that number.

Run Defense DVOA - -34% (7th). I'm particularly pleased with this.  Some people say Carolina's run game doesn't look as good. I'd like to think our defense has something to do with that.  Quincy Black is blossoming and Geno Hayes continues to impress. 

There are reasons to be encouraged thus far Bucs fans.  Some good showings thus far.  Of course, we still have 14 games left, but we'll keep tracking these numbers.

On to the offensive line.  I could do an entire new post on this, but will try to keep it short on this. OL and RB are sort of interwoven in these numbers. It's tough to look at one without looking at the other. That being said, if you watch the games, the holes aren't there, and our running backs continue to get hit 2 yards deep in our own backfield.

First up is A(verage) L(ine) Y(ards) or the amount of yards per run attributed to the offensive line.  Crafted to be in line with traditional YPC (4.09 is average), this gives us an idea as to how each line is performing.  The Bucs line is ranked 31st at 2.66 ALY.  The Bucs RB YPC is at 2.36 (current average is 3.97). We are way behind here.  Our OL is giving us nothing andour running game is doing nothing with what they are provided.

Stuffed % (percent of times stop at or behind the line of scrimmage) is at 28%.  Over a quarter of our runs end in the backfield.  Now, call me crazy, but I don't see Cadillac or Graham dancing in the backfield.  They are getting hammered before they get to the LOS.  Unacceptable.

Lastly, directional running.  Here are the directions, followed by ALY and rank

- Off left end - 0.46 (29th)

- Off left tackle - 1.35 (32nd)

- Up the middle/off guard - 3.28 (23rd)

- Off right tackle - 2.07 (29)

- Off right end - 1.87 (24)

Nothing.  No matter where we run it, we are getting hammered.  This needs to be fixed.  Now.  No more excuses like they had to gain weight, then lose it like 2009.  No excuses like it's a new system. 

Two weeks, two wins, some good stats, and some ugly ones.  Discuss.