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NFL Week 3 Power Rankings: Buccaneers in the Middle of the Pack

Looks like a 2-0 start has some folks giving the Buccaneers (a mordicum of) respect.  For those that care, the weekly NFL power rankings are out for a number of sites.  Here's where the Buccaneers rank: has the Buccaneers at 13 (24 last week):

Surprise, surprise. Josh Freeman is playing a nice brand of quarterback, making them an early-season surprise. If they beat the Steelers this week, then people really will notice.

- ranks the Buccaneers at 21 (28 last week):

Say goodbye to that two-game win streak with Steelers visiting Sunday. has the Buccaneers at 13 (24 last week)

I'm surprised as anyone that the Buccaneers are 2-0, but they beat two substandard teams. Give QB Josh Freeman credit for playing through a painful thumb injury, but he's in for a tough time against the very physical Steelers defense on Sunday. puts the Buccaneers at 13 (14 last week(?!))

-SBNation's NFL power ranking lists the Buccaneers at 21 (27 last week)

I'm not sure how to explain this. We'll need a couple more weeks to see what kind of team this is. The Browns and Panthers aren't impressive opponents but 2-0 is 2-0. The Bucs are getting it done early.

Looks like there's some early moderate respect, but most need to see a win over Pittsburgh Sunday to start giving the Buccaneers some true respect. Can't say I disagree.