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Fantasy Football Week 2: Sit and Start

TAMPA FL - SEPTEMBER 12:  A cheerleader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers performs during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Raymond James Stadium on September 12 2010 in Tampa Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
TAMPA FL - SEPTEMBER 12: A cheerleader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers performs during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Raymond James Stadium on September 12 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Before we hit this week's suggestions, let's take a look at how I did last week. For those of you that are in the BucsNation league, you will probably recognize me as the guy who laid an egg in Week 1 and think to yourselves "What does this guy know?"'d be right. I didn't start off hot with my Sit and Start predictions either. However, feel free to post how incompetent I am in the comment section. I can take it.

All points accumulated will be reported from CBSSports.Com.


QBs - 3/4 predicted correctly.

RB - 5.5/7 Predicted Correctly

WR - 3/6 predicted correctly. Not bad since this is the hardest position to pick

TE - 1/3

DEF - 1/6 (Yikes)

Kicker - 32/32

So, take this advice at your own risk. Hit the "jump" to see who I think should Sit and Start




Start - Mike Vick. This is a tough call. He obviously had a huge week last week. However, I wonder how much of that was due to the Cowboys not truly preparing for him. However, if he is going to repeat that week he had, it would be against Detroit.

Matt Ryan - Ryan is a Top 10 QB in this league. He is poised for a good season and since the offense was completely stagnant against Pittsburgh, I think it's a safe bet they break free a bit.

Joe Flacco - The Bengals surrendered 3 TD's to Brady and 260 Yards. If Flacco produces a 2/3 of this he will have a nice fantasy day.

Donovan McNabb - If he can find a WR he likes, should be a nice day. Worth the risk.

Sit -

Tom Brady - Sounds crazy. He is playing an excellent pass defense in the NYJ though. Obviously Brady has done it against the best of defenses, but is it worth starting him to find out if he will do it again? If you have a reasonable option behind Brady, start them.

Aaron Rogers - I'm just telling you to sit all of the leagues stars. You know I think Buffalo's pass defense is underrated. I promise this isn't my strategy to win in the BucsNation league. I think he's productive, but maybe not a huge fantasy day like Owners believe he will have.

Carson Palmer - I have him in a 12 man league that starts two QB's. I have to start him because my backup is David Garrard. If you are in the same position, role the dice. Baltimore's secondary is weak. However, I expect another letdown this week from Cincinatti and for Marvin Lewis to be put on the hot seat.


Start - DeAngelo Williams - The Bucs defense is better, but it's not fixed. Carolina will ride their running game because of past history and because of the struggling Matt Moore. This equals a big day for Williams.

MJD - Jamall Charles could have gone for way more than 90 yards and a score, but they wanted Thomas Jones to split the carries. That's not a problem in Jacksonville. They will run the life out of MJD. Huge day.

Brandon Jackson - The most picked up player in FF this past week. He will see a large load of the carries. If Rogers struggles (or doesn't go huge) like I predict than Jackson will have to carry the team. Coming out party (in a FF way) for Jackson. 150Yards, 2 TD.

Sit -

Clinton Portis - I think you will see a similar strategy from Washington as you did from Indianapolis. much as they are capable of. I like McNabb this week because I think they will look to exploit the secondary of Houston. I like Houstons Front 7. Portis is inconsistent, which is all FF Owners nightmares. Sit him.

CJ Spiller - Spiller was a high pick for many this season. People had hopes of him being the premier RB in Buffalo. The problem is he plays behind a bad line, with a terrible quarterback, bad WR and two other good running backs. Reality is it's going to be hard for him to succeed in Buffalo until changes are made. He may have a big game for you somewhere this season, but it won't be against Green Bay

Shonne Green - Green struggled against Baltimore and will struggle again against New England. Tough start to the season for a RB. May get you 8 points at the most.


Start - DeSean Jackson - If Vick is going to have a big game again, he's going to have to find a WR he favors. Why can't it be Jackson who can create separation quicker than any other WR, which is necessary for Vicks WR's as he doesn't give them long.

Randy Moss - Before he becomes a problem in what many perceive as an impenetrable locker room, Brady will have to "Get him the damn ball." While I don't think Brady is going huge, Moss can still have a very nice 12 point day for non PPR leagues.

Marques Colston - Colston can be inconsistent. NO is one of those teams that has enough weapons to make it difficault for FF owners. However, against SF who Hasselbeck had a nice day against, Colston should have plenty of opportunities to get the ball in the end-zone.


Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie - I think Wayne has a good day. I don't think any other WR for Indy does. While Peyton will probably win the Manning battle, it's going to be an interesting day for him. NYG picked off 3 passes last week (given it was against Moore) and limited Dwayne Jarrett, the Panthers 2nd leading WR, to 40 yards on 4 catches.

Mike Williams (SEA) - He will be covered mainly by Champ Bailey. You will see a trend this year that I tend to avoid WR going against Bailey. Best cover CB in the league.

Eddie Royal - Trade him. He has been useless since his rookie season for FF owners. He's a sexy starter because of his potential. Potential is a FF KILLER. Trust me. I have lost several leagues because I thought it was a good idea to draft Sleepers. Royal will sleep on you this weekend....and the rest of the year.



Chris Cooley - Again.

Dallas Clark - Peyton will have to utilize Clark to get the ball out of his hands quickly.

Brent Celek - Telling you to start another Filthy Eagle. 3 today. Please don't blame me if they all fail. Blame them. It's easy. Heck,  I even blame the loss of Orlando Magic to the LA Lakers in the 2009 NBA Finals on them. HATE THEM. But Celek is a good choice.

Sit -

Kellen Winslow, Junior - So, I'm not researching this, but I read on a reputable website that Carolina has always been fantastic at covering TE's. Almost to perfection. If this is true, then it's probably not the smartest play.

Jeremy Shockey - He's a Tool.

Todd Heap - When was the last time he did anything good for your fantasy football team. If he is on your team you probably waited until the last two rounds to snag him.


Start - Filthy (Good God, who am I?), New England, Chiefs

Sit - Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, San Fransisco


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