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Get Young Running Backs Onto The Field

Huggins was brought in and made the team for his ability to provide a different tempo in the backfield that would compliment Carnell nicely. Blount was signed to the roster after Ward was cut but was inactive against the Browns due to the lateness of his acquisition and lack of familiarity with the system.

I was surprised to find, however, that Huggins didn't get any touches against Cleveland. From what I've heard from the fortunate souls able to watch the contest, Huggins didn't see the field.

Huggins is familiar with the system and his performance last month was demonstrative of an individual who is driven. Driven, and fast as hell. He runs the 40 in 4,28 seconds and plays every bit as quickly as we saw in the scrimmages. I'd especially like to see him play against Carolina next week not only to gauge how he plays in the regular season, but if he's successful it will ease painful memories of the Panthers running relentlessly against the Bucs.

Kareem on the sidelines is wasteful. A complete running game is obviously desirable, and with a second year quarterback it is a necessity. He has the speed that most other backs just don't have, and is very nimble in the open field. Having a split back set with he and Williams would make an opposing defense anxious and force them to respect the run, leaving Freeman with more room to breathe. Carnell performed well in the opener with several big runs negated by penalties, it just isn't reasonable to expect him to carry the load week after week with his injuries and age.

As I said previously, I was worried that Graham was going to be the inevitable 'go to' number 2 running back, but I didn't think that it would come this early. Though it is likely that Morris put Graham in while Blount gets more acclimated, there was no reason for Huggins to sit. Hopefully with Earnest's ineffectiveness and brutal fumble the coaching staff will keep him at fullback where he performs well and let Huggins get in there. I don't think that Graham will be getting all of the short yardage carries, certainly not with Blount on the roster.

LaGarrette indeed shows a lack of discipline. Disregard that for the moment, as most have already had that argument. As a player he is terrifying. 6-1 and over 240 lbs. he runs a low to mid 4.5 second 40 yard dash and storms like a boulder. Morris stressed violence last year and putting Blount in the backfield will give the Tampa offense capabilities to crack bone.

There is no excuse to keep Huggins out of the next game. Blount may still be learning yet we'll see him, in time. A stable of Williams, Huggins and Blount has me very excited at the potential (and youthfulness) this backfield now possesses, as opposed to a comparatively vapid tandem of Ward and Graham. We'll never know what these young guys have if they aren't afforded the opportunity to "put their face on somebody."