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It Begins

It's gameday.  Everything from this point matters.  Heavy hearts remain from the plight of last season, yet they bear a new countenance.  Hope has delved into the chest of each fan.  Performances in camp and in the exhibitions have given us reason to smile, and the crop of fresh talent will maintain our fervor.  Whether there be victory or progress, the certainty is that relief will come this afternoon.  

I haven't found life to be insignificant these past dead months, simply uninspiring.   These weeks will prove to be worth the insufferably long wait as strategy and carnage reacquaint themselves.  Finally, the Alstott jersey returns.  People will say that diehard fans take the game beyond a responsible level of seriousness.  With people like the pictured above, it reassures to know that I wont be the only one leaning over my coffee table and shouting at the television through my mouthguard.

Who's excited?