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Fantasy: Sit and Start

TAMPA FL - AUGUST 21:  A cheerleader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers performs just before the start of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium on August 21 2010 in Tampa Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
TAMPA FL - AUGUST 21: A cheerleader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers performs just before the start of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium on August 21 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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For those of you who play fantasy football, one of us will be highlighting some players each week to sit and start. Obviously there are players who you should never bench (Peyton, AP, CJ, Brees, etc). However, even some good players deserve to be benched at times. Make sure you check in every week, post any questions you may about your teams and we can have some fun discussing Fantasy plays... unless you are in the BucsNation league, which in that case I WILL steer you wrong.



Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning - Obviously when these two teams take the field you expect to see a lot of passing. Such is today as well. I imagine they will be matching touchdowns for a better part of the afternoon and I would be surprised if there wasn't 50 combined points in this game.

Jay Cutler - Jay Cutler has built up quite a reputation the past couple of years. He is known as a mistake-prone arrogant QB. However, this week he will be facing last years worst pass defense in a new system that will have him chucking the ball downfield quite a bit. I expect to see a big day out of Cutler. Any mistakes he makes will be negated by touchdowns he scores. My prediction on his stat line: 33 completions, 275 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT.


In larger leagues you may have drafted Chad Henne. I am in a league that starts 2 QB's and has 12 teams. Henne is close to one of the top 24 quarterbacks, but against the Bills this week he doesn't stand a chance. The Bills defense was good last year (incredibly underrated) and their pass defense was even better.

Joe Flacco - I'm expecting, along with the rest of the country, big things from Joe Flacco this season. However, it won't happen this week. This is going to be a defensive battle against the Jets and while Flacco has more weapons than ever, that Jet's defense led by Derelle Revis is stingy. He may have an average game, but won't put up numbers that will get your fantasy team a W this week.

Running Backs


Chris Johnson - Duh. Oaklands run defense was below average last year and CJ feasted on easier defenses.

Jahvid Best - Best is a rookie who can have a huge impact in Detroit. Against a middle of the road run-defense I would expect him to get a lot of carries and break off a couple of big runs. 90-100 Yard game and a Touchdown with 30-50 rec. yards and 4 catches. Should average out to a nice Fantasy start.

Justin Forsett - Might surprise most of you that I am telling you to start him against a very good defense (49ers). However, the Niners defense is a little banged up and to be honest, I don't know that the 'Hawks have many more options. They either run Forsett until he can't run or they settle for mistakes, lossed yardage and punts. Forsett would make for a great flex play or 2nd RB.

Carnell Williams - Williams is likely to see more carries this season in general, but certainly in this game with Freeman's injury the defensive context. The Browns aren't very good (not that we have room to talk) but a close game to a game where we can potentially lead will result in a nice workload for Williams. Now let's just hope the coaching staff means it when they say they will stick with the hot hand this season.


Joesph Addai - The Texans defense has never been the talk of the league, nor should it have been. However, they have an underrated Front 7, even without Cushing. Xavier Adibi fills in for Cushing and I doubt there will be a HUGE dropoff. Addai is good, but I think we will continue to see a drop-off in production. He may also have some of his carries given to Donald Brown and Mike Hart. If you need a RB who will get you 8-10 points than by all means start him, but I would guess thats all he get's this week.

Ryan Grant and LeSean McCoy - I think this turns into somewhat of an air-show as both teams bring excellent rush defenses into this game. The safe bet is to definitely bench McCoy and if you have better options than Grant, exercise them.

Marion Barber, Felix Jones - Coming off a rough preseason and facing an above average - good Washington defense is not a good combination. I think one of them scores but it's hard to predict who and with how many yards they will attach to it.



Greg Jennings - Aaron Rogers, Jennings and Driver will look to take build on a tremendous preseason. This bodes well for one of the best WR in the league.

Johnny Knox - Detroit is going to be better, but they are not there yet. As I said before, Cutler will have a big day. Worst pass defense in the league and Cutler's favorite target. 8-10 Receptions, 100+ Yards and 2 TD's is not out of the question.

Malcom Floyd - Whether Vincent Jackson is gone or not is still in question, but he is certainly not playing in this game. and will most likely not play with the Chargers the rest of the season. Floyd becomes the primary receiver of highly accurate and efficient Phillip Rivers. Oh yeah, he is also playing the Kansas City Chiefs whose defense has a lot to prove.


Mike Williams (TB) - Big Mike Williams fan. I think he is going to be a candidate for ROY and the Browns defense IS  bad. However, Freeman has a banged up thumb. As I said earlier, logic tells you that they will run the ball more often (and hopefully successfully).

Brandon Marshall - Chad Henne will struggle against this good Buffalo pass defense which also means Marshall will struggle. I expect the 'Fins to keep the ball on the ground as much as possible.

Santana Moss - I still don't trust any WR from Washington regardless of their quarterback. I just don't think the talent is there and their O-Line isn't good enough to get them open.



Chris Cooley - While I may not trust any WR, I do trust Cooley. His production dropped off last year, but I expect nothing less than a complete resurgence under a head coach famous for using his tight end and building great ones. I picked Cooley up in a couple of leagues thinking he will be a Top 3 TE this season.

Zach Miller - Jason Campbell has always been a QB who loved throwing to his TE. Until the last two years when Zorn completely neglected Chris Cooley, Campbell has found success. Miller is somewhat of a sleeper this year in fantasy leagues. Especially in PPR leagues, I think this is a great pickup/play. He's only owned in 86% of the teams on CBSSports.Com and only being started in 61%. This tells me most people don't trust that he will produce. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Jermichael Finley - He is being started in 97% of leagues on CBSSports with good reason. He is going to have a big day.



San Fran, Dallas, NYG


Green Bay, Filthy, Pittsburgh



The only Kicker you have on your roster