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Greg White Needs to Deliver

After vowing to obtain ten or more sacks this season, White is going to need to at least get that to save face and have an impact.  Without having pressure from the edge opposing quarterbacks are going to have an abundance of room in the flat to scamper about.  Empirical evidence indicates that watching this for three hours every Sunday leads to aneurysms, and Lord knows how much I hate those.

A few years back, White came over from the AFL after having played a whole season and put up serious numbers for the Bucs.  It was fantastic- having an unknown come out of a league that typically doesn't yield much, and have a tremendous impact with part time work.  Forcing seven fumbles had me the most excited- White seemed like a guy that knew how to jar the ball loose and the defense looked a bit more intimidating. 

Now his success has waned, and he's heading into the season as the unquestioned starter.  Regardless of how he does this season it's quite apparent that Tampa will have to take a close look at that position this upcoming April.  At this point in time my hopes are high, but my faith in Whites ability is not.   Raheem Morris likened Whites practice demeanor to Allen Iversons (according to joebucsfan), yet his production doesn't give him the ability to act as such.  The pre-season didn't much help my fears as White showed both capability and futility at times. 

Every Tampa fan wants White to succeed, and I personally hope he shines brilliantly as he has done before.  It only seems that White may have plateaued with age and, if his dedication to practice is of any indication, listlessness.  The defensive tackles are going to be given a reprieve for any mistakes while White has too much time in the system to be ignored.  If he cannot generate an edge rush this season Kyle Moore on the other side is going to have to, and he couldn't reliably do so last month.  A good amount of the success of the defensive unit rests on White to become an animal.  Without results he'll find himself out of the line up or worse.

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